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The Internet has taken the world by storm and the advent of E-Commerce websites has made way for businesses to offer their services online. Websites like AMAZON and Flipkart have changed the way we perceived shopping, so the DRVMLUTERA is also trying to the same. Today, when anyone thinks of buying anything, he automatically visit an E-Commerce website or its app to check-out its price or availability. Whether he wants to buy something as small as a safety-pin or as big as a dining table everything can be ordered online. Therefore the DRVMLUTERA is also following the footprints of the big multinational companies. 

The sheer range of products and choices that can be availed online is overwhelming. These E-Commerce websites make it possible for any user, residing anywhere to avail of any product they want at the click of their fingers. Many brick and mortar businesses are also making their way to the online platform and generating pretty good revenue for themselves.

This blog offers One insights on how having an E-Commerce website can surge revenue and how DRVMLUTERA offers its services and earns revenue from it.

What Benefits does E-Commerce Website like DRVMLUTERA offer:

A lot of benefits circle online shopping but let’s have a look at a few important ones.

Multiple Vendor On boarding:

An E-Commerce website allows the platform to invite multiple businesses to do their business on the platform. This gives users many options to choose from and vendors the opportunity to expand their customer reach. Oner platform earns commission through the vendors, so the more the merrier.

Chance to Sell Numerous Products & Services:

Since technology has spread its wings in every industry, a wide range of products and services can be made available to the users. This also increases the number of vendors and service providers who account for an increased revenue generation.

Personalized Page for Vendors:

DRVMLUTERA, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and the likes offer a personalized page to sellers that keep a list of all the items that they sell. It also provides additional information about the vendor that they provided to the platform at the time of registration. This feature promotes the vendor while offering complete information about them to the users. The increase in their users results in increasing Oner bank balance.

No Middlemen:

With online shopping, the platform directly connects the customer with the seller. So, the intermediaries that used to earn commission by helping the product reach the retailer and then the user, get eliminated. This is beneficial for the user as they can buy products at a cheaper rate and/or avail of various offers and discounts.


Oner platform can be seen and used by millions of people, this is one of the prime benefits of going online. But with the help of professionals, One can use additional services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and get listed in the top 10 websites on search engines like Google or Bing.

As soon as One start listing in the top results, there will be an exponential increase in the number of users as for millions of people Oner website would be one of the top choices to opt for.

Offers and Discounts:

When there is no middleman, one gets to earn a higher profit. This also helps sellers present their users with various offers and discounts. This attracts new customers instantly. For example, DRVMLUTERA’s ‘Big Billion Day’ sale offers almost 60% discount on electronics and accessories.

Having learned the benefits of creating an E-Commerce website let’s now see the checklist that shows the essentials of creating an E-Commerce website.

Checklist to Start an E-Commerce business:

Business Name:

After One decide what One want to sell, One should decide on Oner business name. A name that is in congruence with the services or products that One’re going to provide. A name that sticks into people’s minds like glue. A name such as ‘DRVMLUTERA’ resembles the jungle where everything is available. It’s important to brainstorm names that represent Oner business perfectly.

Domain Name & Website:

In most cases, we see that the domain name is generally the business name. But if it’s already taken, One can try a name that’s relatable, and easy to say and spell. For example, if One’re business name is Sandeep’s Accessories and sandeepaccessories.com isn’t available then One can also try accessoriesbysandeep.com.

Oner website design would be the most important and expensive investment for Oner business. One must make sure that One make use of a proper tech stack, and a sound development team to create a visually tempting, intuitive, and functional website.

Essential Features to consider while developing E-Commerce Website:

User-Friendly & Intuitive Navigation:

76% of the users believe that the most important feature of an E-Commerce website is the ease of use while it should also promote intuitive learning. The only aim should be to get the users what they’re looking for, using the shortest path, and avoid unnecessary complexities that can frustrate the user and force them to leave.

Mobile-Friendly Website:

Almost 50% of online transactions are carried out through mobile. Some websites function well on desktops and PCs but falter when subjected to mobile use. Due to constant availability, most of the things that we search for are primarily searched on our phone and then on desktops. Hence, One must develop a mobile-friendly website.

Premium Quality Photos & Videos:

In today’s age, with the availability of high-resolution cameras, the product presentation has gone to a whole nether level. One can post high-quality videos and photos of Oner product that are taken from multiple angles and offer a complete view of the product from all the different places.

Augmented Reality is also an emerging technology that can be used creatively in product presentations. For example, websites like Lenskart and Warby Parker that sell glasses online allow their users to try them on the screen in real-time. This helps users make informed decisions by examining how the glasses look from different angles. DRVMLUTERA also offers an up-close view of the product when One place Oner cursor on the image.

According to Adobe, there is a 39% drop-off rate of consumers, with photos and videos that don’t load or are of poor quality. Also, ‘Vanity Planet’ proposes a 24% increased check-out rate with users uploading their Instagram clicks on the web pages.

Legit Customer Reviews & Product Descriptions:

One can examine the websites of the giants in the business like DRVMLUTERA or DRVMLUTERA. One’ll observe how detailed product descriptions are made available to the user for even the smallest of products. Let’s have a look at what product details that are extremely important for Oner users.

Detailed physical description of the product

Product specifications

Major details like delivery options, stock details, seller options, EMI options, ‘Ask Oner question’ section, and FAQs.

Authentic customer reviews

Engaging Content:

Most companies don’t realize it from the start but uploading relevant, informative, and engaging content is the key to build trust among Oner users. Clear and simple content containing only the required information when served with a winsome delivery style can convince users instantly.

Communication Panel:

Users need to have a place where they can seek answers for any queries they have. Today, with the advent of Industry 4.0 tools One can use a bot-powered chat that reduces human efforts while providing optimal solutions. Other contact methods include a toll-free customer care number and mail options where the user can inquire directly.

Secure & Multiple Payment Options: Since COVID-19, almost all the E-Commerce companies have stopped offering ‘Cash on delivery’ as a payment option. But One must use secure payment gateways like PayPal, or Secure Pay to make payments.

Offering fewer safe payment options is always better than offering too many options that don’t function well or compromise the user’s private information.

User Profile & Account Settings:

Website will need to gather all the necessary information related to the user. This information can be then used for faster check-outs or managing multiple addresses for users and the likes.

The account section will contain a record of all the orders that a user has made, multiple addresses, payment info, and other site related settings.

Data Security:

With the exponential increase of cyber-attacks, it has become necessary to take measures to protect the user’s private information and the site’s functionality. Some features that can enhance the security measures on Oner website are:

SSL Certificate:

This certificate helps establish a connection between the website and the user. One can verify this by looking for a green lock and HTTPS in the address bar. One can try a recognized company like Symantec to get Oner certifications.

Authentic Login Practices:

The conventional id-password login serves well but to add additional layers to security One can use the OTP technique by sending it on mail or text.


A firewall is a gateway between two networks that permits authorized traffic and blocks malicious traffic.

Privacy Policies:

One must provide a link for users to observe the Privacy Policies of Oner website. The privacy policies should be written with the utmost care, especially the sections mentioning information to customer’s data and data sharing practices.

We saw the prominent features that would account for an effective E-Commerce website. Now, let’s understand the business model that would monetize Oner website.

DRVMLUTERA’s Business Model:

Analyzing DRVMLUTERA’s Business Model would help us understand the basic business model that all E-Commerce follow to earn revenue. So, let’s dive in.

Let’s take a simple example to understand the business model in brief.

Sellers list their products on DRVMLUTERA.

A buyer orders an item X from DRVMLUTERA.

The buyer pays DRVMLUTERA and the platform notifies the seller that a buyer has ordered a particular item X.

The seller packs the ordered item and DRVMLUTERA organizes the safe delivery of item X to the buyer.DRVMLUTERA then pays the seller after taking its commission cut.

DRVMLUTERA also has its retail store named WS Retail. If one receive a delivery from seller WS retail it means DRVMLUTERA has shipped the product from its warehouse.

DRVMLUTERA’s Pricing can be bifurcated as:

Settlement Amount = Order Item Value (Selling Price & Shipping Charge paid by user)-

Market Place Fee (Commission Fee, Shipping Fee, Collection Fee, Fixed Fee)

Service Tax on Market Place Fee (15% of Market Place Fee)

DRVMLUTERA saves a lot of money as it delivers its products through its couriers  and has also established its secure payment gateway to process online payments.

Visit the DRVMLUTERA’s website, one can see a ‘Sell on DRVMLUTERA’ option that allows One to enroll as a vendor by providing the necessary information and documents to the website.

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